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I've already posted about this once to friends-only but I promised to do a public post on utilizing me as a means for helping you find a new job.

That being said, feel free to pass this around but do note that family and immediate friends will have to take first priority. I will do my best with everyone I can who has needs - I want to help as it is my nature.

So - the key to this? LinkedIn.
So what about this LinkedIn and getting me a job? )
I think that covers everything. Go ahead, fill out the poll, and do feel free to spread the post around. Provided I don't get absolutely overwhelmed with responses, I will do what I can to help - just remember if you're serious, I do get distracted and can lose focus. Not staying in touch with me will make me think my services are not truly needed.

I will note a lot of this information is confidential and personal. That is why I set it up so only I can see the responses. I will understand if you choose not to fill those parts out. Feel free to email me off-journal via bkdelong@pobox.com with a subject of "bkdelong LiveJournal Job Survey details" if you'd like to include that information.

In my day job, we have a non-signature binding statement of confidentiality that everyone in the community subscribes to. I hold that same confidentiality to any information shared here unless I ask and receive your permission to share said information.

[Poll #1376820][Poll #1376820]
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I know I make a lot of offers to people looking for jobs that I can use my professional/social network to help get their resume in front of a real person (e.g. ideally within 2 degrees or directly to the hiring manager) while it transverses the road of red tape within a company...

But as long as people remember the key to working with me (persistence/poking/reminding) then I do get it done and provide results.

Case in point - a friend was having a phone interview and noticed I knew a senior executive at the company he was interviewing at on LinkedIn, asking if I knew anything about the company.

I chose to send a recommendation of sorts straight to the Executive acquaintance despite not being strongly-familiar with this friend's work and here's the response I got:

"Thank you for this unsolicited reference! Those are the best kind,
and very insightful.

Yes, [Friend] had a phone interview at [Company] yesterday. It went well.
We'll set up the office interview for the near future. I didn't
interview him, and won't for a little while, but this is great to know
and I will forward it to the rest of the team."

I can't promised to not get overwhelmed with my own life....which has happened off and on over the last few months between the "Big Broadcast of 1938", family-life, and being down one car (never, ever thought it would be such an issue). Please be patient if I indicate that's the case.

But I will do what I can regardless of the industry and level of position to help friends and FOAFs get jobs in this current economy.
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I was just chatting with my brother Nate, ([livejournal.com profile] necr03), who heard from one of his pals that the tag/folksonomy master service del.icio.us was scooped up by Yahoo! today. (Of course, he heard via Digg which, while a story itself, is quickly overtaking Slashdot as THE source for tech. exclusives or at least fast news tracking.)

In a conversation with Greg Burd we concluded that Six Apart may be next. Yahoo! may purchase them to compete with Google's acquisition of Blogger and BlogSpot or.....Google may take them to simply augment their "blogging" division and so Yahoo! can't use them to compete.


could see the same for Technorati - Google is pretty set with their BlogSearch beta and their Google News however Yahoo! is pretty much lacking in the blog-search area. Maybe LinkedIn as well - I see it as one of the more successful Social Network products out there. Any other "Web 2.0" services ripe for acquisition? It's really interesting watching Yahoo! and Google go at it - very reminicent of the DotCom days just without the unproven vapourware.


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