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First, thanks to all for the warm birthday wishes. I must apologize to many right now. Work is in Chaos Mode so I'm working flat out in prep for our New York Forum, May 12-13 at The Roosevelt Hotel. Oh wait- yeah, next friggin week. I have a virus on my home laptop for the first time ever and it will be faster to run an malware scrubber script rather than re-install. But I'm not there yet.

I'm hoping there will be a Juxtaposition and it will all come together but I wish I were just magically Bearing an Hourglass that would let me stop things and give me a breather for a bit.

Ah, to just be the Man from Mundania.....

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon but this week will be rough. I appreciate any emails sent, messages on FB, and any DMs on Twitter as any replies as IMs, Twitter @ replies and other such touchpoints may get lost in the ether.
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I will be arriving in Chicago on this Sunday, October 19th at 9:30am CT for our Midwest Information Security Forum which starts on Monday, October 20. I head out Tuesday, October 21 right after the event.

My flights are getting me there early - I have the following free time that I'd LOVE to see people, go out for drinks, a meal, watching movies etc:
  • Sun., 10/19 - 10:30am - 10pm CT (*12 Hours* !)
  • Mon., 10/20 - 5:30pm - 10pm CT
Anyone around or about?

N.B.: Reposted because somehow this didn't show up in the RSS feed.

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An absolutely crazy week. Lots of work-related activities both fun and serious in Las Vegas for Black Hat and headed off to Chicago Fri through Monday for the Terminus Harry Potter conference where I got to meet 50 of the ~200 volunteer staff of The Leaky Cauldron (N.B. It was ~15 just prior to the Leaky Lounge Forums being founded.)

All in all a crazy, exhilarating week but I am way behind in my usual Social Network following/reading. Bear with me as I get caught up and reach out to say hi with an update in the meantime.


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