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This is really sad that I have to resort to this. I want to do longer blog posts but I just spent the last few hours polishing up a report for work on Non-Compliance Exceptions Management....

So here's a brief summary of my awesome weekend:

  • Friday
  • Valentine's Lunch at "Top of the Hub" with [livejournal.com profile] kiekre where I proposed 11 years ago that night. Gift was a copy of "The Saint" the movie we saw next door after dinner the same night.

  • Birthday "Friday the 13th" party celebrating [livejournal.com profile] joyeous. Parking Fail. Parking Win. Several "Treehouse of Horrors", Beginning of really, really, bad 80s "Return of the Living Dead". Delicious Chocolate Banana Cake she made herself. (Note to self- get recipe. No one makes their own cake on their birthday.)

  • Surprise invite by [livejournal.com profile] hahathor and [livejournal.com profile] eclecticavatar to see "Chocolate" at the Somerville Theatre. OMG most awesome movie ever. Not to mention most lame single-line review ever - see what I mean about needing more time to really write good reviews? See this movie. It rocks!!!

  • Saturday

  • Sleeping in and a specially-made dinner & dessert - my Valentine's gift.

  • Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, collecting the trash, doing laundry.

  • Sunday

  • Out of sorts day...got up early and did weekly D&D run with [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong and had mini "Phineus & Ferb" marathon.

  • Tried to focus on work paper I just finished minutes ago.

  • Monday/Tuesday

  • Blurring together so far.

  • Meeting group of like-minded parents (slowly) as a result of a uh Valentine's Social Function. REALLY excited.

  • Finding a lot of my friends are down and need to talk - feeling really good about hopefully helping them through it, listening and talking with them.

  • Had [livejournal.com profile] ahf and [livejournal.com profile] caulay over for dinner! OK, so it was takeout but they managed to survive two kids, right before bed time, then bed time and then even stayed to chat! Socialization is beautiful thing.

Tomorrow is BeanSec but I've got kid duty. Really want to go given the announcement of net Forensics acquisition of High Tower assets and Trustwave acquisition of Mirage NAC technology. Anyone about to babysit an 11mo old and a 5yr old? ;) Nah, daddy's turn. Mom gets to go out to dinner.

Friday there may be some socializing before my brother arrives Fri night or Sat to work on our Eastern MA Data Center (e.g. the DNS, Web and Email servers in my son's bedroom closet including a presently non-working Ubuntu storage server.) And of course, Auntie and Uncle time with W and C and [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle is even coming up!
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Google has released "2001 Search" which includes an index of what was available in 2001. I wonder if this includes redactions since then. I'm also wondering, if they have that....then will it be possible for them to make available their earlier indexes syncing up with the Internet Archive to keep this stuff in perpetuity.

Available in Google around 2001 includes several articles I was interviewed for while playing "spokesperson" for the Attrition.org Web site and its Web Defacement Mirror project. You can also more easily find than today my first foray into Usenet politics in my attempts to get the comp.lang.vrml groups setup and W3C Mailing List archives of my participation in various W3C Web Accessibility Initiatives.

Also lurking about is my involvement in the Web Standards community including the Web Standards Project but even more interesting, some of my earliest posts on email listserves such as my first big commercial Web project - the NoHo Performing Artists Network (NoPAN)- for which I was compensated with free food and shows at the Iron Horse Music Hall.
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So I'm starting this at approx. 9:45pm ET about 15min after arriving home from tonight's BeanSec. I'm going to do my darnedest to capture in keywords the conversation of the night with pertinent links.

The key test here is, sans any ADHD meds in my system, trying to get a single stream of thought into this journal and then follow up with the links that will actually make the post interesting - and not getting sidetracked on any number of actual activities throughout my machine's desktop or the physical distractions now vying for my body's attention.

I owe a huge amount of this to Michael Katsevman aka Anateus, much to the disappointment of fellow BeanSec-ers and SecurityTwits Paul Davis, Zach Lanier, Jack Daniels, and a new attendee. Oliver Day left early to "go to class" but I'm sure he was scared off.

There was probably more but the problem was I had to get from the Middlesex Lounge to my car at MIT and home to Salem. Due to a lack of my most-wished for futuristic communications lazyware (subvocal recognition) plus a continued increase in brainstream noise lead to a near impossible ability to focus.

Made it though....enjoy.
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An absolutely crazy week. Lots of work-related activities both fun and serious in Las Vegas for Black Hat and headed off to Chicago Fri through Monday for the Terminus Harry Potter conference where I got to meet 50 of the ~200 volunteer staff of The Leaky Cauldron (N.B. It was ~15 just prior to the Leaky Lounge Forums being founded.)

All in all a crazy, exhilarating week but I am way behind in my usual Social Network following/reading. Bear with me as I get caught up and reach out to say hi with an update in the meantime.


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