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I've already posted about this once to friends-only but I promised to do a public post on utilizing me as a means for helping you find a new job.

That being said, feel free to pass this around but do note that family and immediate friends will have to take first priority. I will do my best with everyone I can who has needs - I want to help as it is my nature.

So - the key to this? LinkedIn.
So what about this LinkedIn and getting me a job? )
I think that covers everything. Go ahead, fill out the poll, and do feel free to spread the post around. Provided I don't get absolutely overwhelmed with responses, I will do what I can to help - just remember if you're serious, I do get distracted and can lose focus. Not staying in touch with me will make me think my services are not truly needed.

I will note a lot of this information is confidential and personal. That is why I set it up so only I can see the responses. I will understand if you choose not to fill those parts out. Feel free to email me off-journal via bkdelong@pobox.com with a subject of "bkdelong LiveJournal Job Survey details" if you'd like to include that information.

In my day job, we have a non-signature binding statement of confidentiality that everyone in the community subscribes to. I hold that same confidentiality to any information shared here unless I ask and receive your permission to share said information.

[Poll #1376820][Poll #1376820]
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Social Networking startup looking for freelance PHP, MySQL, & AJAX coder that's fast, reliable, and currently available to work on a unique project to architect a system where people can share "short stories" within the site's community and/or with a select group of "Friends" or contacts that they follow in the site's network.

Each "story" would be open to "reviews" and contributing to a set of statistics based on words that appear in the stories on the site. Ability to link user accounts with Facebook IDs through Facebook Connect or the Facebook API is key.

This would be a two-phase project ideally lasting no longer than 2 months. Phase One would net result in a $2000-$3000 payout depending on experience or arrangement made prior to work commencing. (The more fast and proficient the coder, the higher the rate of pay for the less time it takes to complete required tasks and milestones.)

This project can guarantee a degree of fun and prestige, despite the vagueness in description, the founders (coming from acclaimed Harry Potter fansites "MuggleNet and "The Leaky Cauldron") are assured that the idea in its entirety is presently unique. They're looking for someone to help get it off the ground and, ideally, an architect who would stay on an as-needed, contractual basis to keep it running as necessary.

Contact john@essentialhype.com with a resume, portfolio or examples of previous work and references. If lacking any of those, email what you've got and they'll make a decision based on that.
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I know I make a lot of offers to people looking for jobs that I can use my professional/social network to help get their resume in front of a real person (e.g. ideally within 2 degrees or directly to the hiring manager) while it transverses the road of red tape within a company...

But as long as people remember the key to working with me (persistence/poking/reminding) then I do get it done and provide results.

Case in point - a friend was having a phone interview and noticed I knew a senior executive at the company he was interviewing at on LinkedIn, asking if I knew anything about the company.

I chose to send a recommendation of sorts straight to the Executive acquaintance despite not being strongly-familiar with this friend's work and here's the response I got:

"Thank you for this unsolicited reference! Those are the best kind,
and very insightful.

Yes, [Friend] had a phone interview at [Company] yesterday. It went well.
We'll set up the office interview for the near future. I didn't
interview him, and won't for a little while, but this is great to know
and I will forward it to the rest of the team."

I can't promised to not get overwhelmed with my own life....which has happened off and on over the last few months between the "Big Broadcast of 1938", family-life, and being down one car (never, ever thought it would be such an issue). Please be patient if I indicate that's the case.

But I will do what I can regardless of the industry and level of position to help friends and FOAFs get jobs in this current economy.
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bkdelong like everywhere else.

Will let people know if and when I have invite codes.
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Deja vu all over again.

Please forgive the spelling/grammar etc as I'm doing this on the phone but if I wait to get these words out it will take too long.

The gist.

Facebook's Terms of Service now say something to the effect of as of Feb 4th if you close your account, we reserve the right to keep and use any content left on it forever.

It used to say we can use anything io until an expiration date.. This is the big change. I need to check this more thoroughly when I get home and will add in links.

I see a lot of posts similar to the fear of the Russian takeover of LJ. People leaving and deleting their accounts and planning to.

My point is this:

We as Facebook users made it what it is. We created and built the networks by inviting our friends, family and collegues. We built the content by posting notes, items, photos, videos and to walls. We populated the various apps and games with tons of information and, in many cases, built tons of apps using Facebook's proprietary. Platform.
We connected Facebook to our Livejournals, Flickr, Gmail, picasa, Mobile phones, Pandora, Last.FM, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds of other Web 2.0 accounts using apps. What about that data ?

For all intents and purposes, we made Facebook what it is. Can it no longer sustain itself in this economy on the ad model? Then say so. Do they need to charge a fee or find some means of funding usage? Then say so. Don't claim to own my intellectual property and memories due to a TOSs just because you want to lock me in for fear of gods know what.

To the people leaving, I understand. But I do suggest before you do, please take the time to write a well-thought out note to Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg and anyone else there telling them your reasons in great detail and, if comfortable, Post it in public for all to read. Include the phrase "Facebook doesn't own my Digital Lifestream" perhaps as a means of finding these posts.

But I also encourage you to stay. Spend the next few days educating your friends with intelligent articles and commentary on what Facebook is doing and why it is wrong. Encourage them to posy and diseminate this meme of information on why owning your digital lifestream (or whatever you want to call it) for the purposes of resale and reuse to anyone and everyone is wrong. Then encourage them to read the TOS themself and submit feedback to Facebook via the feedback link.

Since we built this several million strong network of contacts, we can also communicate to this Global Frequency and hope they too will demand recognition for what we created. We ackowledge the Facebook platform and architecture has presently won the social network war but that does not mean they own the civilian casualties and spoils.
If in the end change does not happen, Facebook does not change the TOS, join and show a firm, active and quick commitment to the Open Web Initiative, or show some other acknowledgement of their members' contribution only then, perhaps, would I suggest everyone backup what they can and leave to whatever enclaves they can find.

Facebook took no such pledge of "Do No Evil" and this never set any expectations of such.
One would hope they'd have a desire to set an example.

As you're spreading the word, keep in mind Facebook has a great many famous and powerful figures in acting, music, business, technology, and politics.

One point that occurred to me is that I wonder with President Obama utilizing YouTube to communicate to his employees and so heavily utilizing Facebook for his campaign, how he would feel about a company stating that they own any and all content of his citizens and constituents lives for reuse and resale at well whether they pot out through deletion or not.

What I fear is everything privacy locked. Does that mean Facebook owns all that as well?

I wonder what all those celebrities who brought their social network to Facebook think about that.

Spread the word and educate.
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Since I've been playing with Google Latitude and frustratingly desiring additional features (such as, a checkbox option stating "if I am X ft near a Favorited location, consider me there" and "Sync up my Google Maps Favorites with my Google Maps Mobile Favorites". I was very happy to discover the Google Products Ideas forums. Pretty neat and I'll be using it more.
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OK folks. I'm still having the occasional person friend me and then realize I mostly microblog via Twitter due to spending the last ~6 months working on 3 Productions, having a new child and various other things in my life.

I also hear quite a bit of bitchyness here and at Arisia this weekend about people on Livejournal who don't like reading people's Twitter aggregates on LJ friend listsfor various reasons whether they have a Twitter account or not.

I already did a post here stating that you can OPT OUT of my Twitter posts. When I friend you and you see them, just drop me a quick note. IM, Email, Comment, SMS, Call etc. Don't drop me from your Friends List simply because LJ did a poor job to make it easy to filter out certain posts.

Those of you who want to respect your LJ readers should implement LoudTwitter Twitter-to-Livejournal posts this way which allows you to remove someone from the filter.

I know a lot of you already follow me on Twitter. However, I am up to 577 followers and 403 people I'm following so I prefer the summaries. Makes it easier than going back to see what I missed.

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Apologies for my last story link....here's details how to post a Twitter Voter Report that NPR is monitoring and plotting:

"Including “#votereport” in your tweet is enough to get your report tracked by Twitter Vote Report. But the more details you can stuff in, the better. So, for example, include in your Twitter post:

  • #[zip code] to indicate the zip code where you’re voting; ex., “#12345″
  • L:[address or city] to drill down to your exact location; ex. “L:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue DC”
  • #machine for machine problems; ex., “#machine broken, using prov. ballot”
  • #reg for registration troubles; ex., “#reg I wasn’t on the rolls”
  • #wait:[minutes] for long lines; ex., “#wait:120 and I’m coming back later”
  • #early if you’re voting before November 4th
  • #good or #bad to give a quick sense of your overall experience
  • #EP[your state] if you have a serious problem and need help from the Election Protection coalition; ex., #EPOH"

If you don't do Twitter and don't want to, there's about 5 other ways you can make a report with your mobile.

  • Send a text message to 66937 and start your message with “#votereport”
  • Download and use the iPhone app
  • Find the “votereport” app in the Google Android marketplace
  • Key in a report by calling 567-258-8683 (VOTE), 208-272-9024, or 617-960-8900

Here's the resulting map where everything is being plotted.
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So I'm starting this at approx. 9:45pm ET about 15min after arriving home from tonight's BeanSec. I'm going to do my darnedest to capture in keywords the conversation of the night with pertinent links.

The key test here is, sans any ADHD meds in my system, trying to get a single stream of thought into this journal and then follow up with the links that will actually make the post interesting - and not getting sidetracked on any number of actual activities throughout my machine's desktop or the physical distractions now vying for my body's attention.

I owe a huge amount of this to Michael Katsevman aka Anateus, much to the disappointment of fellow BeanSec-ers and SecurityTwits Paul Davis, Zach Lanier, Jack Daniels, and a new attendee. Oliver Day left early to "go to class" but I'm sure he was scared off.

There was probably more but the problem was I had to get from the Middlesex Lounge to my car at MIT and home to Salem. Due to a lack of my most-wished for futuristic communications lazyware (subvocal recognition) plus a continued increase in brainstream noise lead to a near impossible ability to focus.

Made it though....enjoy.
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ETA 2: Sunday, 11am ET - Updated post with User Manual for this Project.

ETA: Now working with Andy Carvin/acarvin of http://gustav08.ning.com. Need far more staff, managers and transcribers. Wrote draft Interdictor Standard Operating Procedures for the project that need input but give idea of what's going on.


Those of you who have known me a while, know that while I was between jobs when Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005, I got sucked into a fascinating project that was pulling data straight from Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and redistributing it to the masses. This all-consuming 24/7 effort led to be volunteering with the Red Cross, getting my Ham Radio license and quite a bit of Disaster Services volunteer training.

Well, in about 24 hours Gustav went from being upgrade TO Hurricane status and at the NHC 2pm update was just announced as moving to Category 4 status and predicting Category 5 stage by tonight.

The project was called Interdictor, named after [livejournal.com profile] interdictor who was stuck in DirectNIC's NOLA before, during and after Katrina tasked with the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery efforts.

When all forms of communication went down, folks in outlying states started livestreaming scanners and a whole slew of volunteers started transcribing them in #interdictor on irc.freenode.net (eventually moved to several different #interdictor-scannerN channels with N being a numerical value) and created a full-fledged operation posting the logs to the Web. People also monitored articles, reports and blogs throughout the Web and the channels became a location to disseminate such info.

I didn't really do anything for 2006 or 2007 but something seems...different about Gustav. So I decided to see if I could start the project back up.

So...it's going. I won't have even remotely the time I had to devote to it last time due to work and parent/family duties but I wanted to devote the time I could.

The Meme part of this? Please spread the word.

We have the following resources going:

  • #interdictor, irc.freenode.net

  • @interdictor on Twitter

  • #Gustav on Twitter

  • Scanner Frequencies at http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Hurricane_Gustav (an attempt to spinoff the original, well-done Katrina page)

  • Interdictor-Gustav Flickr Group

  • Interdictor Project YouTube Channel

  • I foresee the following needs:

    - People with scanners they have the systems and bandwidth to livestream
    - Folks sharp re: IRC who can pull in an eggdrop/TCL bot (Maybe ChumpBot?) to log, aggregate RSS feeds and post to the Web.
    - Someone to make sure to reach the Twitter folks to let them know things may get traffic-heavy with Gustav.
    - People to join #interdictor on IRC and transcribe, post news articles and help out
    - Folks who are good at coordinating, organizing, managing and leading to join #interdictor and keep the project running smoothly in a timely manner while managing a disparate and ever-changing, often asynchronous volunteer staff
    - Folks who can create backups of the logs or come up with additional social media project ideas

    Any other ideas?

    Pass it on!
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An absolutely crazy week. Lots of work-related activities both fun and serious in Las Vegas for Black Hat and headed off to Chicago Fri through Monday for the Terminus Harry Potter conference where I got to meet 50 of the ~200 volunteer staff of The Leaky Cauldron (N.B. It was ~15 just prior to the Leaky Lounge Forums being founded.)

All in all a crazy, exhilarating week but I am way behind in my usual Social Network following/reading. Bear with me as I get caught up and reach out to say hi with an update in the meantime.
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I know there is a few scripts that will tell you the NUMBER of shared interests you have with various friends and what interests you SHOULD consider adding based on your friends....but has anyone found a script that either lets you enter an interest and see how many of your friends share it or that lists all your interests and which friends share them?

Ideally, I'd really also like to find (or build) a script that will do the same things for FOAFs (Friend of a Friends) so I can see who I SHOULD meet. ;)

I would consider paying or bartering for such a script to be created.....as I think it would step up the value of LJ as a social network.

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OK, OK, I'll admit. They're frustrating. There are a small handful of you who politely requested to opt out. So I've created a Custom Friend Group called "notwitter" and setup LoudTwitter to post via email - that allows me to include "header" settings to LiveJournal which will post only to the filter....leaving the opt-outs, well, out.

Found the key to this in a LiveJournal post.

If you still want opting out, feel free to comment. I will do my utmost to post real content more often.

Just....don't all rush to turn me off. Patience is appreciated.

I've also been flumoxed by the fact that LJ only allows 35+ Custom Friend Groups so I need to sit down, go through my old friends-locked (flocked) posts and see what subject categories they will fit in.

So, alas, no ability to fully categorize everyone similar to my FaceBook or YouTube groups putting a wrench in my idea of video blogging everything and then posting based on content and privacy needs.
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I so should be going to bed instead of writing this but I've been trying to get this out of my head since at least Monday and having no success whatsoever.

Techno-futuristic transhumanist daydreaming

Read more... )
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Well, I emailed Dennis Crowley from dodgeball.google my idea for using mobile phones for social applications while stuck on various forms of mass transit. No response, but I'm sure he's a busy bee.

I've been thinking further about it, even expanding it pretty largely. I see a few applications:

  1. Live Transit Data - since I've been riding the MBTA Commuter Rail on a regular basis, I've noticed the train is predictibly late; especially the 7:29am Newburyport/Rockport line into North Station. So why not create a service that allows various commuters to text/SMS/IM/email in, (or use a mobile web-based inteface), when they arrive at a station and when they leave a station?

    Several things could be done with that data. Update a Google Map live with a train's location. At the "estimated" live location point, have a small icon with the train's number, (in the case of the Inbound 7:29am train from Salem, 108) and show a train with timed waypoints.

    I gave it a shot with my horrible, second-hand, beaten-up Verizon Wireless LG phone and sent myself emails everytime we arrived at a stop. My thumb was sore from lack of experience and it would have helped more if I was able to send something both when we arrived & left but it was a small experiment proving that this is a feasible idea.

    Keep a history of all these times for referring back to and even mark them up with XML so one can reference a particular date, time, and period between stations. Also, include a means of reporting accidents such as the one in Franklin this week or other such delays with various categories. Users could also leave messages forum-style on a particular trip in commenting on the train's lateness, demeanor of the conductors, report incidents and request witnesses, post a lost or found....etc

    In addition to the "contribute" side, also allow users to sign up their phone or an email address at which to be notified for a particular train, line etc. Create a series of quick SMS codes allowing ad hoc queries as well as a profile on the Web site at which to set defaults.

    This solves a myriad of issues including "where the hell is the train" instead of waiting 15-20 minutes after an incident for it to show up on the MBTA marquee. It also could be used similar to plane tracking to allow spouses, significant others, and friends to know when to ACTUALLY leave for the station to pick you up.

    <sarcasm>And oooh - look! There's Google Transit on which data can be displayed and integrated!</sarcasm%gt;

  2. Social Networking - My train ride really isn't that long but it would be nice to be able to know who of my neighbors and friends along the entire Newburyport / Rockport line is taking the same train I am. Allow contributors and participants to state what train they are on, which car they are in and approx. which seat. Information can be set to "friends only" or based on some other trust relationship to allow for privacy.

    Determining train car numbers for such a short period of time may be difficult but I'd venture to guess that they don't change them at all during the day and if one can determine the pattern of which engine/car setup ends up with which train (i.e. my 7:29am 108 train). This would be helpful when arriving at North Station, (South Station etc). I see the 5:55pm/069 train on the board with no track number. However if I know the engine/car numbers for the day, I can simply look at the last car. This could be risky as sometimes the train master may arbitrarily choose trains based on their availability. I think the avid users of Railroad.netcould make a big contribution here.

    This degree of awareness could allow for localized IMing, ad hoc peer-to-peer laptop-based wireless networks and all sorts of experiments in mobile computing. I already see tons of people on their Blackberries, laptops and other devices working away. Why not enhance their value when commuting?

    I forsee a function of my Tivo being a "trusted friend" on my Commutning network so it will always know what train I am on and popup a window allowing any viewers to know when my train reaches the stop before Salem....or something.

As always, I fully admit my ideas are to the extreme of technology implementation and usage but while I strive to be an innovative fururist I am always seeking ways to maximize what little time I have. The more educated with contextualized data I am, the more in control I feel - much more conducive to getting things done.

Please - all comments welcome.

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Came across ClaimID via some chatter in the microformats irc channel on Freenode. Did some searching and found out it's a new venture involving Fred Stutzman of iBiblio. Here's what he says:

claimID is a service that lets people track, classify, annotate, prioritize and share the information that is about them online. We've all met someone who is annoyed, uncomfortable, or even generally nonplussed with the way their identity is represented in search. Search engines are good at finding exactly what people search for; the only problem is our identity is anything but exact. What if a person searches for you and doesn't use the name you publish under, or they don't know your maiden name? And what if there is actually really great stuff about you on the web that doesn't have your name attached to it (like a news story about a project you worked on)?

Sounds intriguing - they're now taking emails for requesting beta access. I wonder if they can distinguish themselves from the grand fields of personal information management and social networks.

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I was just chatting with my brother Nate, ([livejournal.com profile] necr03), who heard from one of his pals that the tag/folksonomy master service del.icio.us was scooped up by Yahoo! today. (Of course, he heard via Digg which, while a story itself, is quickly overtaking Slashdot as THE source for tech. exclusives or at least fast news tracking.)

In a conversation with Greg Burd we concluded that Six Apart may be next. Yahoo! may purchase them to compete with Google's acquisition of Blogger and BlogSpot or.....Google may take them to simply augment their "blogging" division and so Yahoo! can't use them to compete.


could see the same for Technorati - Google is pretty set with their BlogSearch beta and their Google News however Yahoo! is pretty much lacking in the blog-search area. Maybe LinkedIn as well - I see it as one of the more successful Social Network products out there. Any other "Web 2.0" services ripe for acquisition? It's really interesting watching Yahoo! and Google go at it - very reminicent of the DotCom days just without the unproven vapourware.


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