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Just had an incredibly vivid dream on the coming together of two family traditions - one taught to a child through blood by their Granny (Aching to know who it was but she had a vibe) & the other tradition taught by the family "help" who appeared to be decended from Africa or some sort of non-white, African aboriginal-blooded slaves (e.g. whether the SLAVES came from Haiti or Jamaica, their decendants were of Africa).

At the end, Granny wanted to learn the ways of "Fred" and what I gathered were his wife and mother. I remember there was a spitting on her left hand and holding it out as well as commentary by my partner of "Well, they're family now...we have to decide how much to let them into our lives,".

Intense - no real reading or listening to any books or anything of substance before bed. Very curious where this came from.

I do remember looking up at the moon at about 4:15am seeing it 3/4 elipsed and having a quiet, private, reflective moment in the chilled air before going inside and up to bed - acknowledging the eclipse, the full moon, retrograde and the "dancing" of Winter and Summer at the Solstice. So to speak.

Ah, the human mind.
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Memorial Day came about after the Civil War to remember those who died while serving in the military. This year finds us with the 1000th death in Afghanistan since the fighting there began.

Just prior to the weekend, I turned to my maternal grandfather and mother who both have extensive genealogies of my mother's side and father's side respectively and asked if we had anyone in the family who had such service in their history.

Thankfully, no one in my family has died while serving but I'd like to recognize those veterans who are no longer with us:

William Noyes
US Army & US Navy
Served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
"He enlisted in the 82nd airborne paratroopers and served two tours of duty in Korea, where he successfully completed two combat parachute jumps. He parachuted behind enemy lines and was captured by the Chinese, but was able to escape. Upon his discharge, he spent three years in the U.S. Navy, after which he re-enlisted in the Army and spent three tours of duty in Vietnam. Prior to going to Vietnam, he was a drill sergeant, responsible for training new recruits at Fort Polk, La. He spent a total of 54 months on active combat duty in Korea and Vietnam. For his actions, he earned two silver stars; four bronze stars; four Purple Hearts; two Combat Infantry Badges, one each for Korea and Vietnam; U.S. Army Presidential Unit Citations, along with many unit citations from the Republic of Korea and Vietnam. "

Edwin I DeLong, Sr.
US Navy
USS Monssen (DD-798)
USS Twining (DD-540)
Served during WWII in the Battle of Philippine Sea, the Battle of Leyte Gulf and the during the Korean War .

Edward D Noyes
US Marine Corps
4th Division
Served during WWII as part of the invasion of Iwo Jima

Frank J.T. Kirk
US Navy
USS Winston (AKA-94), SK3
Served during WWII securing the area between Japan and Pearl Harbor

Henry Niles Noyes
US Army
Massachusetts 52nd Regiment, Company I
Served during the Civil War and fought during the battle at Jackson Cross Roads in Louisiana.

Next Veteran's Day I'll most likely do a much larger post that includes all my presently living relatives who are currently or have served in the military.

But regardless - I have never served and am grateful to those who have and in many ways allow me to live the life I do.
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This is really sad that I have to resort to this. I want to do longer blog posts but I just spent the last few hours polishing up a report for work on Non-Compliance Exceptions Management....

So here's a brief summary of my awesome weekend:

  • Friday
  • Valentine's Lunch at "Top of the Hub" with [livejournal.com profile] kiekre where I proposed 11 years ago that night. Gift was a copy of "The Saint" the movie we saw next door after dinner the same night.

  • Birthday "Friday the 13th" party celebrating [livejournal.com profile] joyeous. Parking Fail. Parking Win. Several "Treehouse of Horrors", Beginning of really, really, bad 80s "Return of the Living Dead". Delicious Chocolate Banana Cake she made herself. (Note to self- get recipe. No one makes their own cake on their birthday.)

  • Surprise invite by [livejournal.com profile] hahathor and [livejournal.com profile] eclecticavatar to see "Chocolate" at the Somerville Theatre. OMG most awesome movie ever. Not to mention most lame single-line review ever - see what I mean about needing more time to really write good reviews? See this movie. It rocks!!!

  • Saturday

  • Sleeping in and a specially-made dinner & dessert - my Valentine's gift.

  • Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, collecting the trash, doing laundry.

  • Sunday

  • Out of sorts day...got up early and did weekly D&D run with [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong and had mini "Phineus & Ferb" marathon.

  • Tried to focus on work paper I just finished minutes ago.

  • Monday/Tuesday

  • Blurring together so far.

  • Meeting group of like-minded parents (slowly) as a result of a uh Valentine's Social Function. REALLY excited.

  • Finding a lot of my friends are down and need to talk - feeling really good about hopefully helping them through it, listening and talking with them.

  • Had [livejournal.com profile] ahf and [livejournal.com profile] caulay over for dinner! OK, so it was takeout but they managed to survive two kids, right before bed time, then bed time and then even stayed to chat! Socialization is beautiful thing.

Tomorrow is BeanSec but I've got kid duty. Really want to go given the announcement of net Forensics acquisition of High Tower assets and Trustwave acquisition of Mirage NAC technology. Anyone about to babysit an 11mo old and a 5yr old? ;) Nah, daddy's turn. Mom gets to go out to dinner.

Friday there may be some socializing before my brother arrives Fri night or Sat to work on our Eastern MA Data Center (e.g. the DNS, Web and Email servers in my son's bedroom closet including a presently non-working Ubuntu storage server.) And of course, Auntie and Uncle time with W and C and [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle is even coming up!
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So tired. But in a good way.

The day was planned by [livejournal.com profile] jdbryce - a trip down to Harpers Ferry, WV for some shopping and a little hiking. Party also included my other brother [livejournal.com profile] necro3, [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle, and my brother's wife and sister-in-law.

According to [livejournal.com profile] jdbryce, "a little hiking" is the equivalent of taking a 3mi, steep trek up a cliff on a trail the National Park Service deems "strenuous" in effort. I may have lost a lot of weight but I did have to stop often and felt my pores open FULL at several points during the walk.

But it was worth it. The view was gorgeous and I felt extremely accomplished. After hiking all the way back down, we took the car up to another section of the park and had a picnic. I was worried that in the heat and humidity I would be steaming but it was wonderful. We had tasty sandwiches, baked chips, Pomegranate and Blood Orange organic Italian soda, and chilled grapes.

I changed into my bathing suit and we headed into town to find a place to wade into the river. Lost out on parking spaces and once we finally found a spot, we decided to get some ice cream and do a little wandering. I found a nice spot to wade in on the Shenandoah side (Harpers Ferry is where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet).

I had a hard time getting out of the water. We kept Sierra (my Aussie) on the lead for a while and let her off here and there. I was the only person in my family to go in although [livejournal.com profile] jdbryce came in a little bit - got his feet wet. The water was warm and the current refreshing.

The wives decided to head home and go shopping for dinner. I eventually waded out as we continued to fade. My brothers went to grab the car, Mom went to look at a historical bookstore and I sat on the bench drinking very cold water.

Now, I sit in [livejournal.com profile] jdbryce's living room watching a stumbled-upon SuperTroopers, drinking Caucasian number 2 my brother mixed up awaiting some marinated meat off the grill and the next episode of Doctor Who.



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