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So there appears to be an outbreak of Norovirus going around - from at least two parties in the Boston area this past weekend. Given there's another large one this weekend, I wanted to post this. I wish you the best and hope those of you ill heal well. If you have read about someone on your Friends List who has a confirmed diagnosis and got ill yourself, please read the CDC FAQ and educate yourself:

  • This is a foodborn illness.

  • People with norovirus are contagious from the moment they begin feeling ill to at least 3 days [past when symptoms subside]

  • Norovirus can spread rapidly in closed environments like daycare centers [and indoor parties].

  • Contamination vectors include: Eating food or drinking liquids that have been contaminated, touching contaminated surfaces or objects then touching your mouth, and having direct contact with an infected person through caring for, sharing utensils, food or drink with them.

  • Prevention: Wash hands with soap and water while potentially supplementing (not replacing) with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 62% ethanol solution, washing all fruits & vegatables and not letting anyone who shows symptoms prepare food for others until at least 3 days after better, clean all household surfaces with bleach-based cleaner or one made with 5-25 tablespoons of household bleach per 1gal of water and immediately launder any clothes that could have infected biological material on them at the maximum length washer cycle with detergent while machine-drying them.

If you have gotten a diagnosis or were confirmed at the same location as someone who was and got ill yourself, perhaps submit an anonymous report to HealthMap (a joint project by Harvard, BU, MIT and other researchers funded in part by Google) and PLEASE encourage others to do the same.

They also have an iPhone and Android app. Be sure to state in your note whether you had a CONFIRMED diagnosis by a doctor or whether you got sick with a gastro-intestinal "bug" and were at a party with someone who received a confirmed diagnosis. We don't want to skew the statistics here with the telephone game.

This is apparently spreading around Eastern MA but I'm not seeing the vectors. If someone at work, or you know someone with a child who may have been ill..it might be worth mentioning to those folks what's going on.

Take the above-mentioned precautions, be sure you've recovered for at least 3 days prior to attending any public events, and most of all - get better, feel better and be well.

For those of you attending parties, simply follow the precautions and you should be fine.
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This is really sad that I have to resort to this. I want to do longer blog posts but I just spent the last few hours polishing up a report for work on Non-Compliance Exceptions Management....

So here's a brief summary of my awesome weekend:

  • Friday
  • Valentine's Lunch at "Top of the Hub" with [livejournal.com profile] kiekre where I proposed 11 years ago that night. Gift was a copy of "The Saint" the movie we saw next door after dinner the same night.

  • Birthday "Friday the 13th" party celebrating [livejournal.com profile] joyeous. Parking Fail. Parking Win. Several "Treehouse of Horrors", Beginning of really, really, bad 80s "Return of the Living Dead". Delicious Chocolate Banana Cake she made herself. (Note to self- get recipe. No one makes their own cake on their birthday.)

  • Surprise invite by [livejournal.com profile] hahathor and [livejournal.com profile] eclecticavatar to see "Chocolate" at the Somerville Theatre. OMG most awesome movie ever. Not to mention most lame single-line review ever - see what I mean about needing more time to really write good reviews? See this movie. It rocks!!!

  • Saturday

  • Sleeping in and a specially-made dinner & dessert - my Valentine's gift.

  • Cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, collecting the trash, doing laundry.

  • Sunday

  • Out of sorts day...got up early and did weekly D&D run with [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong and had mini "Phineus & Ferb" marathon.

  • Tried to focus on work paper I just finished minutes ago.

  • Monday/Tuesday

  • Blurring together so far.

  • Meeting group of like-minded parents (slowly) as a result of a uh Valentine's Social Function. REALLY excited.

  • Finding a lot of my friends are down and need to talk - feeling really good about hopefully helping them through it, listening and talking with them.

  • Had [livejournal.com profile] ahf and [livejournal.com profile] caulay over for dinner! OK, so it was takeout but they managed to survive two kids, right before bed time, then bed time and then even stayed to chat! Socialization is beautiful thing.

Tomorrow is BeanSec but I've got kid duty. Really want to go given the announcement of net Forensics acquisition of High Tower assets and Trustwave acquisition of Mirage NAC technology. Anyone about to babysit an 11mo old and a 5yr old? ;) Nah, daddy's turn. Mom gets to go out to dinner.

Friday there may be some socializing before my brother arrives Fri night or Sat to work on our Eastern MA Data Center (e.g. the DNS, Web and Email servers in my son's bedroom closet including a presently non-working Ubuntu storage server.) And of course, Auntie and Uncle time with W and C and [livejournal.com profile] harpnfiddle is even coming up!
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Suffice it to say worth waiting the 10+ years since I heard about Arisia. I knew almost 100+ people between attendees, participants and staff, did some ballroom dancing, saw some movies, acted in and witnessed two productions I was involved with go off (mostly) without a hitch, (much of it thanks to the incredibly accommodating, polite and hardworking Arisia staff) and just spend this long weekend with some very good friends making quite a few more.

This post will go into far more detail albeit slightly in more private post.

However if you met me for the first time - I'd love to hear from you as my memory is quite poor from introducing and recalling the great many I did know to each other.


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