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An awesome, awesome show.

Handsome Chuck put together an amazing performance at Oberon with the Boston Circus Guild last night through the "Bohemian Bacchanalia".

With no words and quiet aplomb, he sax-blasted his way throughout the audience and on tables all night, keeping the ever-lively and stomping Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band (ENSMB) rocking their fans throughout the night. Johnny Blazes as MC wryly kept things moving from act to act with salacious naughtiness donning both sultry and Bleach-esque outfits - yes, Steampunk + glitter works! It IS the metal!

All of the acts were really a feast for the eyes. T'was truly difficult to pick which I liked best- I think the 3 aerialist performances were most breathtaking but "A Different Spin" really was a lot of fun. The second routine by "Rogue Burlesque" using Oingo Boingo's "Weird Science" brought me back to the 80s in a bemused way and the Vadalna Tribal Dance Company's second act (I missed the first) was mesmerizing.

Then again, anyone who saw me might have noticed I was a little...into the music and dancing quite a lot. I have this...body/music intuition and once I feel it I get a bit hypnotized.My mind tries to pick out all the trace strands of melody, harmony and percussion from each of the instruments, moving the entirety of my body to all of it in synchronicity and it is a challenge to break me from the trance. Once I managed to procure a bottle of water, it was well-used (though rationed).

All in all a great and absolutely wonderful time. I can't wait for the next show - if you missed it, are local and any of the above sounds intriguing or interesting, for $15 you should truly be asking yourselves why you missed it and be sure to be at the next one.

All these groups have Facebook Pages so just "Like" them and you'll receive occasional event invites (if you want) to be alerted and some of them have email lists as well.


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