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I've already posted about this once to friends-only but I promised to do a public post on utilizing me as a means for helping you find a new job.

That being said, feel free to pass this around but do note that family and immediate friends will have to take first priority. I will do my best with everyone I can who has needs - I want to help as it is my nature.

So - the key to this? LinkedIn.
So what about this LinkedIn and getting me a job? )
I think that covers everything. Go ahead, fill out the poll, and do feel free to spread the post around. Provided I don't get absolutely overwhelmed with responses, I will do what I can to help - just remember if you're serious, I do get distracted and can lose focus. Not staying in touch with me will make me think my services are not truly needed.

I will note a lot of this information is confidential and personal. That is why I set it up so only I can see the responses. I will understand if you choose not to fill those parts out. Feel free to email me off-journal via bkdelong@pobox.com with a subject of "bkdelong LiveJournal Job Survey details" if you'd like to include that information.

In my day job, we have a non-signature binding statement of confidentiality that everyone in the community subscribes to. I hold that same confidentiality to any information shared here unless I ask and receive your permission to share said information.

[Poll #1376820][Poll #1376820]
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I know I make a lot of offers to people looking for jobs that I can use my professional/social network to help get their resume in front of a real person (e.g. ideally within 2 degrees or directly to the hiring manager) while it transverses the road of red tape within a company...

But as long as people remember the key to working with me (persistence/poking/reminding) then I do get it done and provide results.

Case in point - a friend was having a phone interview and noticed I knew a senior executive at the company he was interviewing at on LinkedIn, asking if I knew anything about the company.

I chose to send a recommendation of sorts straight to the Executive acquaintance despite not being strongly-familiar with this friend's work and here's the response I got:

"Thank you for this unsolicited reference! Those are the best kind,
and very insightful.

Yes, [Friend] had a phone interview at [Company] yesterday. It went well.
We'll set up the office interview for the near future. I didn't
interview him, and won't for a little while, but this is great to know
and I will forward it to the rest of the team."

I can't promised to not get overwhelmed with my own life....which has happened off and on over the last few months between the "Big Broadcast of 1938", family-life, and being down one car (never, ever thought it would be such an issue). Please be patient if I indicate that's the case.

But I will do what I can regardless of the industry and level of position to help friends and FOAFs get jobs in this current economy.


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