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(ETA 12:06 pm No Pre-Game Tribute or mention of Parks or the band yet. Disappointing.)

Just called Comcast to see what it would take to get the Big Ten Network for the day for today's UMass vs UMich game. They are supposed to have a tribute to UMass Band Director George N Parks in the wake of his sudden passing, a live shot of the band and a moment of silence. I'm hoping there may even be some half-time coverage since they ended up continuing out for the game.

In Salem, MA it's part of their Sports & Entertainment package which costs $7.95/mo.

It costs $1.99 to add to the account. It costs $1.99 to take off the account.

When you remove it, it's prorated to how long you had it for the month. $7.95/30 days is ~$0.26 per day.

So to get the game for the day provided YOU CANCEL THE PACKAGE AFTER THE GAME should be about $4.26.

I am Tivoing it and adding 10min before and 1hr after it.

Comcast customer support is 1-800-266-2278

Here's additional info on where it's being broadcast.
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HUGE Kudos to Saturn2888 for getting OKCupid Chat to work via GAIM/Pidgin.

Apparently way old news as the latest version is from May 28 but I'm excited just the same as that's how I've met most of my friends in the Davis Square area.

I use the PortableApps version and just needed to download the .dll and .so file from Google Code, and put it in the \PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins

So I'm guessing using the C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins folder will work as well.

Then restart Pidgin

Go to: Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add

Select "OkCupid" from the pulldown

Enter your username and password; choose to save your password if you want. Local alias is for if you, say, have two accounts and want to use an alias for each connection.

Then you can add anyone you can see online as a "Buddy".

Buddies > Add Buddy

Choose the right OkCupid connection from the pulldown.

Type in your "saved profile" or current online user's username in their "Buddy's Username", and you can alias it.... like Buddy's-RealName - OKC - OKCID (since it will be appearing with the rest of your Pidgin IDs) in "(Optional) Alias". Finally choose a group with the pulldown and choose "Add".

Voila....start chatting with your new friends and beau's-to-be.



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