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Any plans Friday night or Saturday for a geeky-group of folks to go see "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" in the Boston/Camberville/North Shore area? As much as I don't mind hitting the movies alone, this is a movie I would love to see with others who have read and enjoyed the series (other fans) and maybe go out for a bit afterward.

I spent most of the month of July going to movies on my own and this one deserves a group-viewing.

Drop a comment/email/tweet/SMS and let me know!
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Sent an email to the creator but sounds like he rarely checks it.

Because he adds in the following code at the beginning of his LJ Email Posting Test message, it breaks the LJ code necessary to post any custom LJ headers - including security-related ones:

This is the TEST shipment you asked for <br /><br />lj-security: notwitter

The lj-security tag is where my code starts. It allows me to post my Twitter feeds behind a private filter. I cannot test any LJ header codes because those codes need to be placed as the first text in the email sent to LJ.

I suggested he add "(LoudTwitter Test)" to the email subject line or add the code:

This is the TEST shipment you asked for <br /><br />

to the beginning of the Twitter feed code that you send with the text right after:
<ul class="loudtwitter"><li>This is the TEST shipment you asked for </li>

What a pain. Not that all of you care as there's only a handful on my Loudtwitter filter but it was frustrating nonetheless. Hopefully he'll get around to fixing it.
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I just dropped my dear wife and sweet kids off at Logan; seeing them for the last time until July 27th.

Tomorrow, my wife is on a plane to Singapore for two weeks and the kids are at Summer Camp at my father-in-law's private school.

My wife gets back to her parents and then 4 days later they all are off to a family wedding in CA.

So there's just me. And the cat.

I've spent the last 4 months staying home and focusing on better relationships with them so while they're gone I'm going to attempt to see if I can remember how to go to events in Camberville. Possibly Diesel on a Tuesday, maybe a few theatre shows and definitely a lot of movie-going; though truth be told I'm wholly disappointed at Hollywood's offerings over the next 3 weeks. What happened to the "Summer.Blockbuster"?

Anyway, I can drive into the city two days a week and then I need to come in from Salem after work at that point.

I'm sure I'll post more as the expected loneliness settles in but if there's anything going on yu wouldn't mind including me in, please consider inviting me.

I know I haven't been the most social of people this year and work continues to be very busy so I can't guarantee I'll make it to everything but I'll certainly be appreciative of invites.

Forward, ho!
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Any fellow Jean-Pierre Jeunet fans interested in getting together for a viewing of "Micmacs" on Saturday? It's playing at the Kendall Square Cinema at 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm, 6:45pm, and 9:25pm.

"Delicatessen" was a bit shocking when I saw it in HS and I haven't seen it in a while. "City of Lost Children" was a glorious, cinematic beauty reminiscent of Terry Gilliam and "Amelie" was, well, cute and fun. I haven't seen any of his other works but "Micmacs" looks most like "City of Lost Children".

I think 11am is too early and 9:25pm is a bit late having to trek back to Salem but I could ostensibly do lunch and hit the 1:30pm, do the 4pm and go out for dinner, or do dinner and go out to the 6:45pm.

Depending on the critical mass, I could go for a 9:25 but I know there are a few parties going on that night and, frankly, I've been a bit partial to being in bed with a book by that time.

Anyway - I haven't really thought about which of the three times pique my interest most. I've never really explored the culinary options near the theater before either.

Thoughts? Interest?
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Memorial Day came about after the Civil War to remember those who died while serving in the military. This year finds us with the 1000th death in Afghanistan since the fighting there began.

Just prior to the weekend, I turned to my maternal grandfather and mother who both have extensive genealogies of my mother's side and father's side respectively and asked if we had anyone in the family who had such service in their history.

Thankfully, no one in my family has died while serving but I'd like to recognize those veterans who are no longer with us:

William Noyes
US Army & US Navy
Served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
"He enlisted in the 82nd airborne paratroopers and served two tours of duty in Korea, where he successfully completed two combat parachute jumps. He parachuted behind enemy lines and was captured by the Chinese, but was able to escape. Upon his discharge, he spent three years in the U.S. Navy, after which he re-enlisted in the Army and spent three tours of duty in Vietnam. Prior to going to Vietnam, he was a drill sergeant, responsible for training new recruits at Fort Polk, La. He spent a total of 54 months on active combat duty in Korea and Vietnam. For his actions, he earned two silver stars; four bronze stars; four Purple Hearts; two Combat Infantry Badges, one each for Korea and Vietnam; U.S. Army Presidential Unit Citations, along with many unit citations from the Republic of Korea and Vietnam. "

Edwin I DeLong, Sr.
US Navy
USS Monssen (DD-798)
USS Twining (DD-540)
Served during WWII in the Battle of Philippine Sea, the Battle of Leyte Gulf and the during the Korean War .

Edward D Noyes
US Marine Corps
4th Division
Served during WWII as part of the invasion of Iwo Jima

Frank J.T. Kirk
US Navy
USS Winston (AKA-94), SK3
Served during WWII securing the area between Japan and Pearl Harbor

Henry Niles Noyes
US Army
Massachusetts 52nd Regiment, Company I
Served during the Civil War and fought during the battle at Jackson Cross Roads in Louisiana.

Next Veteran's Day I'll most likely do a much larger post that includes all my presently living relatives who are currently or have served in the military.

But regardless - I have never served and am grateful to those who have and in many ways allow me to live the life I do.
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I had just graduated from college at UMass Amherst and was feeling full-of-myself, arrogant, naive and had no hesitation in reaching out to anyone regardless of their social stature.

So, of course, not having been well-read in Sci-Fi by any means I authored the following email to Douglas Adams:
>From: "B.K. DeLong" <bkdelong@naw.org>
>To: askdna@tdv.com
>Subject: Electronic Books
>Date: Fri, Jun 26, 1998, 22:42

>Hi Douglas,
>I just read an article about two companies producing book-size computers
>that would allow users to download full books off the Internet and read
>them almost like a normal book. Sound familiar?
>I believe YOU invented the first electronic book if not in reality but in
>your book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in 1989. Have you
>attempted to make anything similar to the guide? I'd love to hear your
>thoughts on this matter for an article I'm doing on electronic books.
>Thanks and please be in touch.
>B.K. DeLong                

I'm pretty sure Mr. Adams was by far not the first to dream up the idea of the electronic book but I was aware of his passion for bringing them to reality.

To my shock and surprise, I received a response a day later:

Received: from ([]) [] by post.mail.demon.net with
 esmtp (Exim 1.82 #2) id 0ypxOw-0006ad-00; Sat, 27 Jun 1998 16:00:30 +0000
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:00:26 +0100
From: Douglas Adams <askdna@tdv.com>
Subject: Re: Electronic Books
To: "B.K. DeLong" <bkdelong@naw.org>
Cc: Robbie Stamp CEO TDV <robbie@tdv.com>, richardc@tdv.com, richardh@tdv.com

I have some ideas about how electronic books are going to develop. In
general terms they are bound to follow the pattern we've seen over and over
again in the computer industry - people will say they're about to arrive in
a big way and they won't happen, then people will say they're about to
arrive in a big way again and again they won't happen, then people will say
they're about to arrive in a big way again and again they won't, then
they'll suddenly arrive in a big way and catch everybody by surprise.
My company, The Digital Village is looking for the right hardware partner to
create an actual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, since the time is almost
upon us that it can actually happen...


Douglas Adams      |     The Digital Village     |    http://www.tdv.com
                          STARSHIP TITANIC

Alas, the launch of the Kindle was six years after his time. I think that would have been the "big way" he might have been talking about.
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So the kids are on vacation and off at their in-laws. My wife joined them Wed night. So it's just me, the dog and the cat.

Tonight, I've decided to see Theatre@First's production of "Dracula" at the Elizabeth Peabody House at 8pm. I was in a similar production in High School where I played Van Helsing. Incidentally the group involved in this show when on to create a Community Theatre group called "The Merely Players" named (I think) more after one of my HS friend's favorite RUSH song than Shakespeare.

Thus my car is parked at MIT and I'm coming from work at Government Center. I'd love to get together with a friend/some friends and grab a bite to eat or even some coffee before the show. I think somewhere in Kendall Sq OR Davis Sq would be easiest and then a little after 7, I'd head over to park for the show.

Anyone game? There are so many of you on my Friends List I have yet to meet in person or have met very peripherally. I'm willing to drive out further as long as I can get to the Elizabeth Peabody House by about 7:30pm.
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Passing this along for friends and locals as I have plans:

7:30 PM Saturday: February 20, 2010

Details: This is an amazing evening of fun with all proceeds going to
a great cause thanks to the generosity of great artists including:

Eamon Coyne (fiddle) and Mike Jeanneau
Salem residents Jennifer and Bob Strom,
Michael O’Leary Celtic singer,
David O’Docherty Irish whistle player and singer,
Steve Levy Tenor Banjo player,
Lin Swicker guitar player,
David de la Barre piper/whistler,
Jack MacLean Highland bagpiper,
Peter and Joanne Sousa, Shanty singers
Becky Young singer
James Moriarty (accordion)
Adrienne Howard (Hurdy-Gurdy)
Cindy MacIntire (Flute).
and top class Irish Step Dancing
Master of Ceremonies Paul Lambe

HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) is a Salem-based organization
which provides vital shelter and support services to victims of
domestic violence.

HAWC provides a range of services and support to women men and
children residing in 23 cities and towns in Massachusetts’ North

Address: Tabernacle Congregational Church 50 Washington Street in
Salem, Mass 01970
Hours: 7:30
Donation Suggested $15-20 $10 for seniors and students
Web Page: http://www.tabernaclechurch.org/
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I rarely do memes (if anything, this is a mememe) but the thought of getting Valentines brought me back to grade school, the taste of chalky Necco hearts, the sting of papercuts from getting all those Thundercats or Superfriends or Transformers cards in tiny, near-translucent envelopes for everyone in class, and the cute machinations of the romantic, cootie-phobic Elementarians such that they were.

So imagine (if you will) that this is my shoe-box with a hole cut crudely in the top and some fancy (by which I mean scrawly and chicken scratchesque) Crayola marker scribblings in which to put a Valentine.

And to you, I wish the same!

My Valentinr - bkdelong
Get your own valentinr
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I have a room reservation at the Intercon hotel and am presently debating whether to cancel it and just drive to Con from Salem, MA or see if I can find friends also looking for a room to share.

I would consider friends-of-friends if there's enough degrees of connection or established like-mindedness: I'm not the most comfortable rooming with strangers. Friends just make the Con better.

Conversely, if you have a room and wouldn't mind adding a person and cot - do let me know that as well.

Feel free to comment or email me via bkdelong@pobox.com and just make sure "Intercon" is somewhere in the message.

Hope to see you there!
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I know I make a lot of offers to people looking for jobs that I can use my professional/social network to help get their resume in front of a real person (e.g. ideally within 2 degrees or directly to the hiring manager) while it transverses the road of red tape within a company...

But as long as people remember the key to working with me (persistence/poking/reminding) then I do get it done and provide results.

Case in point - a friend was having a phone interview and noticed I knew a senior executive at the company he was interviewing at on LinkedIn, asking if I knew anything about the company.

I chose to send a recommendation of sorts straight to the Executive acquaintance despite not being strongly-familiar with this friend's work and here's the response I got:

"Thank you for this unsolicited reference! Those are the best kind,
and very insightful.

Yes, [Friend] had a phone interview at [Company] yesterday. It went well.
We'll set up the office interview for the near future. I didn't
interview him, and won't for a little while, but this is great to know
and I will forward it to the rest of the team."

I can't promised to not get overwhelmed with my own life....which has happened off and on over the last few months between the "Big Broadcast of 1938", family-life, and being down one car (never, ever thought it would be such an issue). Please be patient if I indicate that's the case.

But I will do what I can regardless of the industry and level of position to help friends and FOAFs get jobs in this current economy.
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And therein lies the magic.
Tens of thousands of people out there, listening,
Each envisioning their own motion picture of the mind.

And that is what we give our audience... we give them dreams.
We give them towers and landscapes, secrets and revelations.
We give them a warm hearth in the dark, or a cold shiver up their spine.

And we do it all here, live, on the sparest of threadbare budgets
With a troupe of actors who, underpaid and under-rehearsed and overwhelmed,
Have yet to learn that this
Be done.

Victor Comstock, Remember WENN
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Posted for a friend - if you would like an introduction into the company, please let me know.


My company is aggressively seeking a whole slew of technically minded people.
There are a few specific listings below, but they are seeking all kinds of pen
testers, Computer Network Operations (CNO), sysadmin, developer, forensics, etc
etc people. If anybody on the list is interested, please send me a copy of your
resume and I'll help you through the HR process. All of these positions require a
current U.S. Government TS/SCI security clearance.
Details on all open positions
is at

.Job, jobs and more Jobs )
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This is a Special Bulletin from

The Big Broadcast of October 30th, 1938

Listen here for important information regarding Alien Attacks in the Somerville area.
(w/ many thanks to Tom Champion)

If you like this, please share it!

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Have you noticed the cold air blowing upon the back of your neck? Heard the creaking of the old door opening to reveal ancient horrors in the dead of night?

Halloween is approaching, dear readers, and The Post-Meridian Radio Players are bringing their tales of woe and dread back again.

But this time we are wandering deep into the shadowed library halls. First we will hit the History section, to summon the ghosts of 1930s comedies with The Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour. You can settle in for laughs and song, purchase classic treats from the beautiful ladies, and drop your guard.

Because after that we head to the Astronomy section to study the planet Mars. You know odd sights have been seen on its surface of late..but I'm sure that doesn't mean anything for us. Certainly not the destruction of Boston around your very ears in a massive War of the Worlds. Just ignore the explosions and screams. And the slimy sucking sounds behind you...

Oh my. Guess you had to leave the library early. Too bad.

But if you want to experience the full awe and mastery of The Big Broadcast of 1938, you'll have to order tickets. Four performances at the Somerville Theatre! October 29th, 30th and we destroy Boston twice on Halloween itself! Credit: Chris DeKalb
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Hi all -

I have 2 1 additional ticket to Saturday, Sept. 26th's Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm concert at The Paradise.

Doors Open at 8.
Concert starts at 9.
General Admission

I'll sell it for what I bought it for - $33 and can email the PDFs to you to print out.

First comment, first reserve. Paypal preferred.

ETA: All tickets sold.
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@list l0:level1@list l2@list l2:level1

Auditions for The Big Broadcast of October 30th, 1938 are upon us. Here are some last-minute notes:


  1. Signed up for an appointment slot using the Appointment Form.
  2. Downloaded and read the Audition Info Sheet.
  3. Downloaded and filled out the Audition Availability Calendar
  4. Downloaded and read the Show & Character Descriptions for The Frank Cyrano Byfar Hour and The War of the Worlds.
  5. Downloaded and read the Audition Sides for The War of the Worlds.
  6. Filled out the On-line Audition eForm (or downloaded and filled out the PDF version of the Audition Form).
  • Please bring anything you downloaded and filled out, along with any other material you want us to have, such as a resume.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes early so you can check in and fill out anything you may need to or may have forgotten or to update your information.


Please reply and let us know if you plan to:

  • Sing your sample piece a capella
  • Bring music for our accompanist to perform
  • Bring someone to accompany you
  • Bring a CD or MIDI file for us to play


There will be at least one FoleyFX Team person available to interview you, so be prepared to answer some questions and talk about your experiences or interests.


Auditions are at Unity Church of God, 6 William Street, Somerville, at the corner of College Avenue, near Davis Square (map: http://tinyurl.com/unitychurchsomerville)

If you are running late, please call 617-460-5237 or send e-mail to auditions@pmrp.org. We'll get it on-site.


All right, that is about everything I have. Please keep alert for any additional information. We'll see you folks this week!

The Big Broadcast Audition Team

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HUGE Kudos to Saturn2888 for getting OKCupid Chat to work via GAIM/Pidgin.

Apparently way old news as the latest version is from May 28 but I'm excited just the same as that's how I've met most of my friends in the Davis Square area.

I use the PortableApps version and just needed to download the .dll and .so file from Google Code, and put it in the \PortableApps\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins

So I'm guessing using the C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins folder will work as well.

Then restart Pidgin

Go to: Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add

Select "OkCupid" from the pulldown

Enter your username and password; choose to save your password if you want. Local alias is for if you, say, have two accounts and want to use an alias for each connection.

Then you can add anyone you can see online as a "Buddy".

Buddies > Add Buddy

Choose the right OkCupid connection from the pulldown.

Type in your "saved profile" or current online user's username in their "Buddy's Username", and you can alias it.... like Buddy's-RealName - OKC - OKCID (since it will be appearing with the rest of your Pidgin IDs) in "(Optional) Alias". Finally choose a group with the pulldown and choose "Add".

Voila....start chatting with your new friends and beau's-to-be.



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