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Just had an incredibly vivid dream on the coming together of two family traditions - one taught to a child through blood by their Granny (Aching to know who it was but she had a vibe) & the other tradition taught by the family "help" who appeared to be decended from Africa or some sort of non-white, African aboriginal-blooded slaves (e.g. whether the SLAVES came from Haiti or Jamaica, their decendants were of Africa).

At the end, Granny wanted to learn the ways of "Fred" and what I gathered were his wife and mother. I remember there was a spitting on her left hand and holding it out as well as commentary by my partner of "Well, they're family now...we have to decide how much to let them into our lives,".

Intense - no real reading or listening to any books or anything of substance before bed. Very curious where this came from.

I do remember looking up at the moon at about 4:15am seeing it 3/4 elipsed and having a quiet, private, reflective moment in the chilled air before going inside and up to bed - acknowledging the eclipse, the full moon, retrograde and the "dancing" of Winter and Summer at the Solstice. So to speak.

Ah, the human mind.
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