Nov. 15th, 2010

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Listen to either NPR or a Book on CD. Depending on my interest with either and the amount of traffic, I construct a series of waypoints in my head and sort of watch the field of cars before me with an imaginary "Heads-Up Display". Then I end up calculating which lane I should be in to avoid slowing down, getting stuck behind someone slower than I am, or to get moving faster than I am presently.

I have always had a very nonlinear way of dealing with math and logic but having the background "noise" to focus the language center of my brain seems to kick-in the inateness of the logic portion. I don't "think" about it, I just "see" the various permutations based on drivers' speed, movements back and forth (if they're doing their own lane switching) and their own relationships with the cars around them. It's fascinating and fun though easier to do by myself and far moreseo sans kids.


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